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J Crew's gender bending kids advertisement

Down by the Bay by JCrew Kids

We OPENED Our Own STARBUCKS At Home! | JKrew

We turned our HOUSE into a STARBUCKS drive thru!! We have been stuck at home and we MISS STARBUCKS!! We love Starbucks sooo much and their drink and foods they have there. So Cilla decided to make her own STARBUCKS right at home! We made a Starbucks drive thru and sold drinks to my entire family. Cilla made a pink drink, frappuccinos, a vanilla bean! YUM! She also had the yummy cake pops!!

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Welcome to JKrew! We love to make slime - A LOT of slime! We also do fun challenges, DIY videos, vlogs, crafts and fun games. We upload funny videos every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss all the fun! Thank you for supporting us! We love our Krew!

We want to make you SMILE! Remember, "always stick together!"


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