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Неразумная покупка. Land Rover Discovery 4 | Подержанные автомобили

Статусный и комфортный внедорожник Ленд Ровер Дискавери 4 очень привлекателен на вторичном рынке. Но что у него с надежностью?

Авто Плюс:

Мы - АВТО ПЛЮС - телеканал, который вещает 24 часа в сутки. Телеканал высокой автомобильной культуры. У нас самые горячие и подробные тест-драйвы, самые свежие новости автомобильного мира, захватывающие гонки, профессиональное мнение экспертов и многое другое.

Подержанные автомобили 313

#LandRover#Обзоры #Discovery
Анатолий Янке : Побольше негатива, сбивайте цену. Хочу ДИСКО. Отездил на ренже 3 (мама) 7 лет из минусов налог на М62ТУ 4,4л, продал, теперь скучаю, по другому не скажеш.
Макс Волобуев : спасибо отбили напрочь желание покупать, а ведь из-за сладкой цены рассматривал вторичку, ВАГ наше все)))
MsRin2011 : 320 000 км прошел за 6 лет . проблем нет. кроме того что ТО надо делать но это обычное дело меняются резинки ролики и мелочь
Николай Яковлев : У отца такой уже лет 5. Супер машинка!!!
ОБГОН СВЕРХУ : 220.000км, езжу почти всегда газ в пол, по трассе всегда 130, маслр дешманское 5w40 a3b4, полет нормальный.
AAA AAA : Брал новый 3, 2,7. На 90 тысячах мотор развалился и пох, что масло дорогое и сервис вовремя. Ремонт ооооочень дорогой, чинил в Польше. Продал и перекрестился в жопу ведровер!
Александр Васильев : Чем то ведущий напоминает мне КИСЕЛЁВА со 2-го ТВ канала России!
Такую же ахинею несёт!
Слава богу, что саксонский Заговор против России не озвучивает! )))
Максим Русских : Ни одной машины нет в стране с пробегом выше 350.000 км, этим все сказано. Берите крузаки, не будете бед знать!
Иван Иванов : Было у меня такое ведровер
Николай М. : Такое чувство что они отзывов владельцев Жигулей начитались о том что Диск этого говно машина. Эксперты херовы

NEW 2020 Defender 110 Vs Discovery 4 - Side by Side Review & Comparison

In this video we park our Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4) side by side to our new 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 and review the differences and similarities between these two iconic Land Rover models.
jerrymyahzcat : These two are very clearly quite different but both uniquely Land Rover.
Making comparisons that aren’t there like the truncated top rear side on the Disco and the rounded one on the Defender.
The two bonnets are quite different. There’s virtually nothing similar except they are both LR.
Different vehicles aimed at different markets.
Andy Miller : Obviously the D110 is newer so will have newer Info/connectivity. You did not mention the real difference which is in off-road. "The new Defender is designed to be Land Rover’s off-road flagship vehicle and therefore fares better in the rough stuff than the Discovery. While both vehicles offer an air suspension capable of raising the vehicle for extra clearance, the Defender offers it as standard. (It’s optional on the Discovery.) Additionally, the Defender has the Discovery beat with regard to off-road geometry, boasting approach, breakover and departure angles of up to 38, 28 and 40 degrees, respectively, with the air suspension in its highest setting. Those breakover and departure angles are better than those of any other off-roader on sale today. For what it’s worth, the Discovery has pretty good angles, too, with an approach angle of 34 degrees, a breakover angle of 27.5 degrees and a departure angle of 30 degrees — so long as you opt for the air suspension and raise it to its highest setting.""The Defender is more in your face with its off-roading aspirations, as it should be. Either vehicle can be had with a locking center and rear differential and Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2 and All Terrain Progress Control systems — which are common features offered under a number of different names by just about any automaker with off-roading aspirations. The Defender ups the ante with factory-available all-terrain tires and with a few different accessory packs — such as an available platform roof rack, a ladder for accessing the roof rack, a winch, a snorkel and a side-mounted gear storage compartment — that make it overland-ready straight from the factory. The Defender is designed to get you excited about going off-road, while the Discovery more or less just gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re able to if you want to."
David Goodchild : Shame the d4 v6 engines are notorious for spinning crank bearings
David S : This was incredibly useful, thank you. A newcomer to Land Rover, I'm in the process of buying a late Disco 4, and this has convinced me I'm doing the right thing - talk about Beauty and The Beast!
Stablefairy : I don't understand why they have restyled the defender like this. the old defender is iconic and did what it said on the tin - a 4x4 utility vehicle for working on farms, estates and the like - or if you just wanted one. not too many frills and built for the job. am sure there is still a market for these but no one seems to be making them. the new grenadier looks the part but it is an incredible price - £50000 - about the same as the new defender. I wish someone would build a more affordable 4x4 which does the job.
Sickto death : Overly expensive junk!
2 Madre : Well there you have it folks....I bring to you the new LR5/Discovery 5
oyvindra : Great license plate on the Defender
Ian Smith : D4 is the best car on the road. It can’t now be beaten due to regs etc.
HeeJin Kim : New discovery and defender are SHAME . Land Rover should bring D4 back !!!

Land Rover Discovery 4 - Highlights Off-road 2015 - 2019 LR4

Highlights from 5 years of off-road adventures. No new footage, just some of my favourite bits from trips both long and short.

Music: "Endless Motion"
Details of most of the modifications on my D4 here:
Tuffant steel wheels 18" -
Compomotive PD1881 18" alloy wheels
BFG KO2s in 265/60/R18
Monsta MTs in 265/60/R18
Bridgestone D697s in 265/60/R18
Heaven Kabylie : I'm poor. But I dream of having like range rover
Demeteo Alaric : Better than the new one. LR4 ❤️
Ron Active : Schönes Auto. Würde mit auch super gefallen. Leider ist der Benzinverbrauch doch recht hoch. Schöne Grüße und noch viel Spaß ronactive
Dave Gath : Great driving and good to see someone who knows how to drive the LR4 and use it to its full potential :)
Thomas Davenport : Nice ride Scott! I've got a very similar setup. Literally can't get that thing stuck!
Paris dakar : What this car needs is a spash guard on the air suspension wich can cause a leek from rocks and stones. At High speed it's like a sand blaster .
The Future : Witch diesel engine is a best ? 3.0 v6 from Peugeot is ok?
ikoniqoz : Awesome. Gotta trade up from my Disco 2 to a Disco 4! Thanks for the great sales pitch.
Michael Clark : A great compilation. Great to see the Disco doing what it loves. Thankyou. We've owned a LRD4 2011 for 12 months now. Very happy with it.
Just curious, what tyres are you running as we are in the market for new ones but limited with the standard 19" alloys?
4x4 Adelaide Off-roaders : Feel sad when I see all the Land Rover Discoveries stay on bitumen all life. This is what it is made for... Good on ya..




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